Reading of Erik Jareth Ransom's MORE THAN ALL THE WORLD

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be appearing as the Earl of Lancaster in a reading of Erik Jareth Ransom's (GRINDR THE OPERA, COMING) as part of Musical Theatre Factory's 4x15 Series, tonight at 8:00pm at MTF's Black Box space, directed by Rachel Klein.

“More Than All the World” is an historical epic which explores the plight of King Edward II, a much-maligned English monarch, whose all-consuming romance with a low-born knight brought his realm to the brink of ruin. Inspired by Christopher Marlowe’s “Edward II”, “More Than All the World” is a sweeping love story set in a time when so much was different, but the causes and pretexts for Homophobia were very much the same as they are almost 700 years later.

Musical Theatre Factory's 4×15 series evenings showcase four new shows by up-and-coming writers in four 15-minute staged presentations. Each creative team will have 5 hours to workshop the strongest (or most troublesome) excerpt of their piece. A cast of MTF volunteer performers will then have 15 minutes to present each excerpt before an audience and a panel of industry professionals. The audience is invited to offer supportive feedback to the writers and creative teams.